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Ad Marketing
In-Page Banner In-Page banner WxH Floating Area Floating Element In-Banner Files Floating Ad File Sample
Superbanner 728x90 750x350
(align to the top of the initial panel)
300x300 or 90,000 pixels 60k 100k sample
Medium Rectangle 300x250 sample
FLASH TYPE FLASH 10 or below

Alt image GIF/JPG = 30k | Initial flash = 60k | Floating Ad = 100K |

REQUIRED FILES: All SWF, FLA, and backup GIF are required; all fonts in FLA must be converted into image.
ANIMATION: The Floating Element must:
- be linked to an in-page banner (Super Banner, Medium Rectangle); it must fly out of or into the banner.
- the Floating element cannot cover the Yahoo! Logo and Search box at any time.
- "Fly" across the page within the max. area of 750x350, pausing for max one second over any content.
- not larger than 300x300 or 90,000 square pixels, taking shape of the object; not an exact rectangle.
- The 750x350 floating area must be transparented for the entire animation duration; 
- There is a 10 seconds maximum play time for the floating element.
- Close button must appear for entire duration of animation play.
- Frequency capped at once per user per 6 hours for daily exclusive booking or once per user per day for impression based booking.
USER EXPERIENCE: A Floating ad has an element that travels across the page, drawing the user's attention to the related in-page ad unit. Once the animation is complete, the ad remains indefinitely on the page. The floating element grabs the user's attention but doesn't annoy them by blocking their ability to navigate the page.
TIER: Tier 3
LEAD TIME: 5 Business Days.
BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: Support industry standard A-Grade browsers. Browser compatibility on ad serving banner subject to individual 3rd party vendor.
ACCEPTED RICH MEDIA VENDORS: Doubleclick, Mediamind, PointRoll, Facilitate-EyeWonder
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