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Ad Marketing
Ad Unit Property Initial WxH Backup Image Initial File Size Animated Wallpaper WxH Page
Background Color
Finance Main 950x90 30K 60K

Format: Flash

Dimension: 160x800 each

Number of file: 2 (left & right)

File size: 100K in total or 50K each side

Animation: 10 seconds

Hex Code
(e.g. #FFFFFF)

Sample of Rich Gutter
with Magazine ad
Sports Main
Lifestyle Main
Entertainment Main
News Main
News Section Main
Screen Main
Games Main
Movies Main
FLASH TYPE FLASH 10 or below
FILE SIZE: Alt image GIF/JPG = 30k | Initial flash = 50k | Wallpaper panel = max. 100K in total
  • For NT1/N2 banner:
    • Flash banner and backup image
  • For Wallpaper panel:
    • Flash panel x 2
    • Page background color in HEX code (e.g.#ffffff)
    • Company’s logo should be placed below the Yahoo! Logo, please read Rich Gutter Design Guideline below.
    • Clickable area must be a prompt button, or the Company logo(on request for the logo)
  • All SWF, FLA, and backup GIF are required; all fonts in FLA must be converted into image.

  • Product messaging/slogans, branding, logos and necessary legal text are permitted in the background but must be sensitive to the Yahoo! logo and Yahoo! content. This will be subject to Editorial approval.
  • No animation allowed in the gutters.
  • No call-to-actions are permitted
  • One single animation is used for the background. This image should be 1280px wide to accommodate nearly every screen size in common use. This does not mean that all browsers will show all of the background content, as some users have smaller screens and browsers – the content you want to display to the highest amount of users should be contained within the area visible at 1024×768
  • The centre of the background image will appear behind the page content and therefore it will not be shown. This means that you can leave it blank, which will considerably help keeping the weight of the creative low.
  • The background will be aligned by the browser to the centre of the page therefore it is subject to pixel rounding issues. The consequence of this is that a thin line might appear between the page content and the gutter, because a small portion of the blank area at the centre of the background is shown. In order to avoid this we suggest building the gutter with an additional 3 to 5 pixels in width, with the additional pixels moved towards the centre – i.e. the space between the gutters will be reduced by 3 to 5 pixels each side.
  • Colours that may irritate, annoy or cause discomfort to the user are not accepted, eg, bright red (#FF0000)
  • Colours shall be pertinent to the theme or tone of the advertiser brand, product or/and message
  • Avoid bright colours that do not complement each other
  • The background image must not look cluttered, messy, distracting or in bad taste

Animated wallpaper will be displayed in the left and right margin of the page content together with the N2 banner. Synchronized animation will be played automatically once the user enter the page and will stop after 10 seconds. User may click on action buttons in the wallpaper panel to trigger various interactions.

VIDEO / AUDIO: Not allowed
TIER: Tier 1 for N2 with RICH plus LREC banners.
LEAD TIME: 4 Business Days.
BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: Support industry standard A-Grade browsers. Browser compatibility on ad serving banner subject to individual 3rd party vendor.
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