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Ad Marketing
SAMPLE: Sample
FLASH TYPE FLASH 10 or below
REQUIRED FILES: 300(w)x250(h) .swf filesize:40k
766(w)x130(h) .swf filesize:40k
BackUp GIF:
300(w)x250(h) filesize:30k
766(w)x130(h) filesize:30k
USER EXPERIENCE: The takeover banner must come with a Medium Rectangle banner. For the specification of this banner, please check: Medium Rectangle 300x250 or the Rich Media section on the right hand side.
Two options are available to display the takeover banner:
1) the takeover banner displays automatically at the beginning
2) the takeover banner is initialized by actions in the Medium Rectangle banner
BROWSER COMPATIBILITY: Support industry standard A-Grade browsers. Browser compatibility on ad serving banner subject to individual 3rd party vendor.
Accepted Rich Media vendors: Doubleclick, Mediamind, PointRoll, Facilitate-EyeWonder
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